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Non-Profit-A-Thon for Western Youth Network

High Country Radio continues a new spotlight on non-profits in the High Country. Each month Non-Profit-A-Thon will highlight a non-profit across all five radio stations and online for an entire day.

This month's spotlight is on Western Youth Network, whose mission is to transform our High Country community by nurturing and empowering our children so that they live HEALTHY, ENGAGED and FULFILLED LIVES.

WYN's initiatives include mentoring, after-school, summer camp, high school success and community health.

On Wednesday, Jennifer Warren, Executive Director for the Western Youth Network (WYN), and Brenda Lowman, Board Member for WYN, stopped by Wakin' Up In The High Country with Mark in the Morning to help kick off the Non-Profit-A-Thon for WYN.

Click on the link below to hear the interview and visit them online at