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W.A.M.Y. Community Action Offering Free Weatherization Services to Low-Income Households in Watauga, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties

WAMY Community Action, a non-profit organization, is actively reaching out to help low-income families improve the energy efficiency of their homes. With the aid of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), WAMY is on a mission to protect homes from weather elements and improve energy conservation through free services to those households that meet the income eligibility criteria.

Examples of the services offered under WAMY's Weatherization Program include installing insulation, air sealing, and duct sealing. The program is not exclusive to homeowners; renters are also eligible for these services, provided they have obtained permission from their landlords. After weatherization services, households could save approximately 30% to 35% on their heating and cooling expenses, thus making a significant impact on their monthly budget.

The eligibility for WAMY’s housing programs is determined based on household income. If your home needs repairs, is difficult to heat or cool, or is dealing with high energy bills, WAMY might be able to assist you.

To apply for WAMY Community Action’s Weatherization Program, visit the organization's website at or contact them at 828-264-2421.

WAMY Community Action is committed to helping residents improve their living conditions and lowering their energy costs. They firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a comfortable home and are working to make this belief a reality.

About W.A.M.Y. Community Action

Established in 1964, W.A.M.Y. (Watauga, Avery, Mitchell, Yancey) is a Community Action Agency and was the first human-service non-profit to come to the High Country’s four-county area. WAMY’s mission is to partner with families and communities to provide the disadvantaged with the support they need to become self-sufficient. WAMY conducts a community needs assessment every three years and programs are designed according to the needs of the community. Currently, WAMY has four programs- Housing & Energy, Youth Development, Food & Nutrition, and Family Development. To learn more or donate visit

About Community Action Agencies

A Community Action Agency (CAA) is a local organization with the mission of reducing poverty through locally designed and delivered programs and services, targeted to the specific needs of the community. CAAs exist in virtually every county in the U.S., numbering more than 1,000 nationwide. Most are private nonprofits, but some are units of local government. They are state-designated but locally controlled, governed by a tripartite board that represents the low-income community, local elected officials, and private and public community stakeholders.