The Ashe County High football team is coming off a historic season, and head coach Brian Hampton and the Huskies were well represented on the Mountain Valley All-Conference Team; the Watauga High baseball team opens the season at McDowell; the Ashe County baseball team whips Alleghany in its opener; former WHS softball player Jada Wilson has another big day for the Cobras. For more on these stories, area scores and more sports headlines, please click on the links below....

Sportscast No. 2....

MVAC – 2021 Football

Offensive Player of the Year: JoRaye Morrison – Wilkes Central

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan Blevins – Ashe County
Boone Beaver - Elkin

Coach of the Year: Brian Hampton – Ashe County

MVAC Offensive Team
All Conference Backs                                                      Honorable Mention
Dawson Cox – Ashe County                                             Jaxon Godbey - Elkin
JoRaye Morrison – Wilkes Central                                     Matthew Peterson – Ashe County
Boone Beaver - Elkin
Timothy Peterson – Ashe County
Sterlin Holbrook - Starmount
Brett Beaver – Elkin
Briggs Gentry – East Wilkes
Ben Winters – North Wilkes

All Conference Lineman                                                   Honorable Mention
Josh Ferguson – Elkin                                                     Camden Current – Ashe County
Jackson Krider – Ashe County                                          Lathan Neugent - Alleghany
CJ Henderson – Elkin                                                      Brian Hartley – Wilkes Central
Jonah Brooks – Wilkes Central                                         Matt Bell – Wilkes Central
Denver Stokes – Starmount                                             Kamen Smith – Wilkes Central
Noe Torriente – Elkin                                                      Chris Propst - Elkin
Blaine Adams - Elkin
Jaron Greer – Ashe County
Mason Carrier - Alleghany

All Conference Receivers                                                 Honorable Mention
Austin Poe – Ashe County                                               Caleb Souther – North Wilkes
Ty Parsons – Elkin                                                         Thomas Ballard – Ashe County
Terry Hayes – Wilkes Central
JJ Manan – Ashe County
Garrett Patrick - West Wilkes

MVAC Defensive Team
All Conference Linebackers                                               Honorable Mention
Boone Beaver – Elkin                                                      Chandlar Luffman – East Wilkes
Ryan Blevins – Ashe County                                             Kaden Pardue - Starmount
Ahmad Carlton – Wilkes Central                                       Rodney Watson - Starmount
Riley Pruitt – Alleghany                                                   Garrett Patrick – West Wilkes
Gabe Bare – Ashe County                                                Isaiah Buckhannon – Wilkes Central
Sterlin Holbrook – Starmount                                           Dylan Ball – West Wilkes
Glancarlo Taglianetti – Elkin                                            Andre Wilson – Wilkes Central
Cody Shumate – North Wilkes                                         Kaden Pardue - Starmount
All Conference Defensive Lineman                                   

Honorable Mention
Josh Ferguson – Elkin                                                     Timothy Peterson – Ashe County
Jelani Powell – Starmount                                                Mason Carrier - Alleghany
CJ Henderson – Elkin                                                      Calvin Transeau – North Wilkes
Jaron Greer – Ashe County                                              Denver Stokes - Starmount
Caleb Souther – North Wilkes                                          Matt Bell – Wilkes Central
Damian Spiva – East Wilkes                                             Kamen Smith – Wilkes Central
Bryant Blevins – Ashe County                                           Brett Brannock - Alleghany
Noe Torriente - Elkin

All Conference Defensive Backs                                         Honorable Mention
Brett Beaver – Elkin                                                         Davion Coleman - Starmount
Austin Poe – Ashe County                                                 Braxton Church – West Wilkes
Corben Call – Wilkes Central                                             Carlos Reyes Martin – W. Central
Keenan Witherspoon – Ashe County                                 Terry Hayes – Wilkes Central
Alex Armstrong – Starmount                                            Landon Jackson - Elkin
Bryson Sidden – East Wilkes                                            Kole Lambert – East Wilkes

MVAC All Conference Punter                                              Honorable Mention

Boone Beaver – Elkin                                                      Will Harrold – North Wilkes

MVAC All Conference Place Kicker                                     Honorable Mention
Thomas McComb – Elkin                                                Timothy Peterson – Ashe County
Walker Brondos – West Wilkes