ST. STEPHENS, NC - The St. Stephens High wrestling team continued its dominant pace on Saturday at the 3A Western Regional Championships.

The Indians, who hosted the event, won the regional title with 199 points, besting the field by 36 points. North Henderson finished second with 160.

The Indians, who won the 3A Dual Team State Title with a perfect 43-0 record,m had seven place finishers, including four champions. Graham Ohmand won the title at 126 pounds, Blake Baker won the title at 138, Ivan Vergel was the regional champion at 152, and Salvador Gilvaja won the championship at 195 pounds.

Spencer Leonhardt of Freedom won the championship at 145. Overall, the Northwestern Conference had five champions and 13 place finishers.

Watauga had four regional qualifiers in the field. Senior Ben Critcher at 182 went 1-2 during the weekend tournament. Junior Ben Oakes (at 195), and freshmen Daniel Russom (at 106) and heavyweight Grant Lawrence all went 0-2.

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - William Cottingham of North Gaston
2nd Place - Lazaro Vasquez of North Henderson
3rd Place - Samuel Klepac of A.c. Reynolds
4th Place - Koby Rikard of Kings Mountain
1st Place Match
William Cottingham (North Gaston) 36-7, So. over Lazaro Vasquez (North Henderson) 28-5, So. (Dec 9-7)
3rd Place Match
Samuel Klepac (A.c. Reynolds) 31-8, So. over Koby Rikard (Kings Mountain) 45-5, Jr. (Fall 0:43)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Thomas Capul of Marvin Ridge
2nd Place - Kyle Randal of North Henderson
3rd Place - Jovanny Urzua of St. Stephens
4th Place - Zack Karagias of Cramer
1st Place Match
Thomas Capul (Marvin Ridge) 33-3, Jr. over Kyle Randal (North Henderson) 23-6, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Jovanny Urzua (St. Stephens) 48-7, Jr. over Zack Karagias (Cramer) 37-5, Fr. (Dec 3-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Corbin Dion of Enka
2nd Place - Jacob Yim of Marvin Ridge
3rd Place - Tariq Shuford of St. Stephens
4th Place - Chase S Treadway of Alexander Central
1st Place Match
Corbin Dion (Enka) 39-9, Jr. over Jacob Yim (Marvin Ridge) 25-5, Jr. (MD 15-6)
3rd Place Match
Tariq Shuford (St. Stephens) 28-14, Sr. over Chase S Treadway (Alexander Central) 36-13, Sr. (Dec 10-9)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Graham Ormand of St. Stephens
2nd Place - Holden Cotzin of Erwin
3rd Place - Aden Smith of Forestview
4th Place - Kross May of Ashbrook
1st Place Match
Graham Ormand (St. Stephens) 50-4, Sr. over Holden Cotzin (Erwin) 31-10, Sr. (Fall 2:30)
3rd Place Match
Aden Smith (Forestview) 44-4, Sr. over Kross May (Ashbrook) 23-13, Sr. (Fall 2:59)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jared Santiago of West Henderson
2nd Place - Dayvion Downs of Kings Mountain
3rd Place - Ethan Stroud of Ashbrook
4th Place - Hugh Himan of T.c. Roberson
1st Place Match
Jared Santiago (West Henderson) 15-1, Sr. over Dayvion Downs (Kings Mountain) 40-2, Sr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place Match
Ethan Stroud (Ashbrook) 37-6, Sr. over Hugh Himan (T.c. Roberson) 43-10, Sr. (Dec 5-4)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Blake Baker of St. Stephens
2nd Place - Joshua Feliz of North Henderson
3rd Place - Tyler Morgan of A.c. Reynolds
4th Place - Willie Howard of Enka
1st Place Match
Blake Baker (St. Stephens) 53-3, Sr. over Joshua Feliz (North Henderson) 40-5, Sr. (Dec 14-11)
3rd Place Match
Tyler Morgan (A.c. Reynolds) 33-9, So. over Willie Howard (Enka) 39-12, Sr. (Dec 7-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Spencer Leonhardt of Freedom
2nd Place - Devin Bumgarner of West Caldwell
3rd Place - Stephen Baynard of West Henderson
4th Place - Patrick Mahaffey of North Iredell
1st Place Match
Spencer Leonhardt (Freedom) 39-1, Sr. over Devin Bumgarner (West Caldwell) 39-8, Sr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (18-1))
3rd Place Match
Stephen Baynard (West Henderson) 42-4, Jr. over Patrick Mahaffey (North Iredell) 38-7, Jr. (Dec 9-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Ivan Vergel of St. Stephens
2nd Place - Freddy Guardiola of West Caldwell
3rd Place - Jose Rodriguez of North Henderson
4th Place - Chandler Jordan of North Iredell
1st Place Match
Ivan Vergel (St. Stephens) 56-2, Sr. over Freddy Guardiola (West Caldwell) 41-8, Jr. (MD 13-1)
3rd Place Match
Jose Rodriguez (North Henderson) 22-3, Sr. over Chandler Jordan (North Iredell) 46-6, Jr. (MD 13-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kameron Miller of Forestview
2nd Place - Desmond Hope of Huss
3rd Place - Auden Brennan of West Henderson
4th Place - Garrett Pugh of Enka
1st Place Match
Kameron Miller (Forestview) 47-1, Sr. over Desmond Hope (Huss) 30-5, Sr. (MD 10-2)
3rd Place Match
Auden Brennan (West Henderson) 35-5, Jr. over Garrett Pugh (Enka) 35-10, Jr. (MD 12-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Morgan King of North Henderson
2nd Place - Easton Griffin of West Caldwell
3rd Place - Kurt Hayes of Charlotte Catholic
4th Place - Eli Vassey of Enka
1st Place Match
Morgan King (North Henderson) 42-9, Sr. over Easton Griffin (West Caldwell) 45-2, Sr. (Dec 7-0)
3rd Place Match
Kurt Hayes (Charlotte Catholic) 30-4, Jr. over Eli Vassey (Enka) 41-11, Jr. (Dec 7-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Anthony Johnson of T.c. Roberson
2nd Place - Triston Norris of North Henderson
3rd Place - Dakota Metcalf of St. Stephens
4th Place - Brad Moore of Crest
1st Place Match
Anthony Johnson (T.c. Roberson) 42-0, Sr. over Triston Norris (North Henderson) 41-10, So. (Fall 4:52)
3rd Place Match
Dakota Metcalf (St. Stephens) 23-1, Sr. over Brad Moore (Crest) 39-7, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Salvador Gilvaja of St. Stephens
2nd Place - Max Wells of T.c. Roberson
3rd Place - Jeremiah Musser of West Henderson
4th Place - Christian Robles of North Henderson
1st Place Match
Salvador Gilvaja (St. Stephens) 56-3, Sr. over Max Wells (T.c. Roberson) 42-8, Sr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (18-3))
3rd Place Match
Jeremiah Musser (West Henderson) 40-9, Sr. over Christian Robles (North Henderson) 35-11, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jacob Allison of North Henderson
2nd Place - Nick Harris of Ashbrook
3rd Place - Trey Wilson of Enka
4th Place - Ethan Moss of North Gaston
1st Place Match
Jacob Allison (North Henderson) 31-9, Sr. over Nick Harris (Ashbrook) 31-7, Sr. (Dec 9-2)
3rd Place Match
Trey Wilson (Enka) 38-4, Sr. over Ethan Moss (North Gaston) 39-10, Sr. (Fall 3:39)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Antwon Mcclee of Ashbrook
2nd Place - Isaac Chapman of Alexander Central
3rd Place - Joshua Simmons of T.c. Roberson
4th Place - Jason Shuford of Statesville
1st Place Match
Antwon Mcclee (Ashbrook) 40-0, Sr. over Isaac Chapman (Alexander Central) 27-2, Sr. (Fall 1:52)
3rd Place Match
Joshua Simmons (T.c. Roberson) 41-12, Sr. over Jason Shuford (Statesville) 16-3, Jr. (Fall 2:40)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Riley Biddy of Forestview
1st Place Match
Riley Biddy (Forestview) 12-24, Fr. over () , . (Bye)

Team Scores
1 St. Stephens 199.0
2 North Henderson 160.0
3 T.c. Roberson 109.0
4 Enka 108.5
5 West Henderson 83.5
6 Ashbrook 72.5
7 Kings Mountain 68.0
8 North Gaston 59.5
8 West Caldwell 59.5
10 Huss 56.5
11 A.c. Reynolds 55.5
12 Marvin Ridge 54.0
13 Alexander Central 53.0
14 Forestview 51.0
15 Crest 45.0
15 North Iredell 45.0
17 Freedom 44.5
18 Statesville 36.0
19 Tuscola 31.0
20 Erwin 25.0
21 Charlotte Catholic 19.0
22 Burns 17.0
22 North Buncombe 17.0
24 Cramer 16.5
25 Asheville 5.0
25 South Iredell 5.0
27 Watauga 4.0