Pet Patrol

Have anyone seen my dog Stella?

She’s been gone since July 6 from Concord NC. Since she’s been stolen she could be anywhere. Does anyone know anyone that could possibly have her? I believe someone has to have seen/know something. We don’t want to take legal action we just want her home safe. We have looked everywhere for her. We believe (with evidence) someone may have found her and kept her. If you know anyone that has adopted a full grown shephard that is trained in the last 3 months? My family is heartbroken. Please contact me by private message/phone # if you have any leads! There’s been many sleepless nights worried about our girl.?Please be on the look out. She was about 75 lbs when she went missing. she has alot of black and is considered a Black and Tan shepherd. She does have indentfying features we can use to identify her and vet records proving ownership. All tips will be kept confidential. We have used Epic for tracking and spent countless hours searching. All tips are appreciated. Cash reward leading to the safe return of Stella.