Rosie has a very deep, ferocious bark.

She is interested in older people like, seniors. We had her out for a walk at New River Campground last year and she stayed away from every person of every age but this older, elderly husband and wife walking ahead of us. She followed them intently and wanted to go towards them as we parted ways. She is not used to people as we all live in on the mountain and our neighbors are truly deer, trees and nature. There was foul play in her missing. Someone had busted up concrete at my gate and forced it open--all dogs got out. 8 hours later her brothers came home without her. The next day, someone had turned a concrete planter on its side and draped a deer skeleton and poured deer innards near the gate--again trying to coax my dogs out. I did report it to Ashe County Sheriff's Dept. So far, no leads. So, if you see her, please, please, take a picture, you can try to call her name really quietly but I doubt she will come. She is food motivated and likes nice calm voices. Thank you for all the shares. ---Rebecca Meza Ungerer, Rosie's Mom