Applachian Regional Healthcare System medical providers and staff spoke about their experiences in treating COVID patients during a COVID-19 Care Vigil Thursday morning at Watauga Medical Center.

The Watauga Democrat reports seven medical care providers spoke about treating people with the virus.

Among those were Dr. Kevin Wolfe, about what happens after he and his staff have done everything they can do, but it is not enough. Wolfe said it's a difficult conversation.

ICU nurse Amy Hempfling said most of her patients are healthy, young and unvaccinated. She said the number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital may seem small, until that number includes someone you love. Then it's much bigger, and it's about life and death.

Dr. Jennifer Nelson is an emergency room doctor at WMC and said they are seeing more patients who are sicker and younger. The vast majority, she said, are unvaccinated, and are often in the emergency room for what can be days waiting for a bed at an outside facility.

According to the story, AppHealthCare reports 156 active cases in Watauga County, and there have been 35 COVID related deaths in Watauga.

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