OASIS is calling all backyard BBQ and special event organizers to Pass The Hat this summer.

OASIS,(Opposing Abuse with Service, Information and Shelter), is urging those putting on BBQ's, pot lucks, family gatherings or even fancy planned meals, to consider setting a donation amount to raise funds for the shelter.

The Watauga Democrat reports Sara Crouch, the OASIS outreach coordinator, said the goal is to get people involved and hands-on with the OASIS mission, making a plan for their friends and family in honor of OASIS.

The focus of the campaign is to retire the debt on the Family Resource Center over the next three years, by raising $25,000 a year. Crouch said paying off the building means more money to client services.

OASIS staff is available to speak at your event about the organization’s mission.

You can reach Sara by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..