AppHealthCare released its latest COVID-19 situation report Friday.

In Watauga, cases remained steady for the week of May 23-29, with hospitalizations remaining in the single digits. In the County Alert system, Watauga remains LIGHT YELLOW, indicating moderate impact. As of June 3, there were no active cases at the Watauga Detention Center, and only 3 active cases at the Hospitality House. In Watauga, 43.3% are fully vaccinated.

Ashe has seen cases decline steadily over recent weeks. Ashe is LIGHT YELLOW in the alert system, moderate impact. There are no active cases in any monitored clusters or outbreaks in Ashe, and 38% are fully vaccinated.

Alleghany has also seen a steady decline in cases over recent weeks. Alleghany is GREEN in the county alert system, noting light impact. There are no active cases in monitored outbreaks in Alleghany, and 41.5% are fully vaccinated.