Foothills Conservancy is offering two Summer 2021 Internship Opportunities.

There are two positions available: Conservation Program Intern and Stewardship Intern. Both positions are part-time (24 hours / week over 10 weeks).

The Conservation Program Intern will assist with field work and data collection for conservation property baseline documentation reports and management plan summaries, Compile and analyze natural resources data to prepare conservation project evaluation forms and materials, Prepare GIS maps and use GPS tools to collect field data and photographic documentation for conservation acquisition projects, and more.

The Stewardship Intern will Assist with conservation land monitoring and inspection, including walking property boundaries, locating and marking boundary markers, inspection of lands for compliance with deed restrictions, meeting with property easement owners, and filing summary reports and photo logs, Assist with trash pickup, trail maintenance, trimming, planting, weeding, site monitoring, posting property boundary signage, gate installation, and other duties.

The application deadline for both internships is April 16.

There are more details and application instructions online at