If you think there's been a lot of snow in the High Country this winter you'd be right.

High Country Press reports Watauga County’s DOT Maintenance Engineer Travis Chrisawn says they are on pace to use 2.5 times the amount of salt and brine this year, keeping area roads ice-free.

Watauga Maintenance used approximately 4,200 tons of salt, including the material used to make salt brine, during last winter.

According to the report, Chrisawn said the department has used a significant amount of material so far, due to frequent snow events.

Typically, usage and deliveries are totaled at the end of the season, but compared to previous years, Crinshaw said this winter has been the most active in recent memorty.

High Country Press reports Boone has recorded more than 25 inches of snow. Last year's reported total was just over 9 inches in Boone.

Snow fall amounts always vary around the county and the area, but there is little doubt that it's been a snowy winter in the High Country.