AppHealthCare has released its weekly COVID-19 situation update.

There was an increase in cases in Watauga, and the number of individuals in quarantine remained steady.
The number of hospitalizations remains a concern. Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is in phase three of a four-phase COVID-19 surge plan. Phase three means there is an advanced patient surge with an average of 25 positive COVID-19 patients hospitalized.

As of Sunday, AppHealthCare reported 198 active cases in Watauga, a total of 3241, and 21 deaths.
Watauga remains ORANGE in the COVID-19 alert system, indicating substantial community spread.

In Ashe, there was a slight increase for both new cases and the number of individuals in quarantine, and hospitalizations continue to be monitored very closely.
As of Sunday, Ashe had 144 active cases, a total of 1632, and 37 deaths in Ashe.
In the latest update, Ashe County is RED which notes critical community spread.

In Alleghany, the number of cases and number of individuals in quarantine remain steady. 
Alleghany with 37 active cases, a total of 768, and 4 deaths.
Alleghany remains RED in the alert system, critical community spread.

Toe River Health District announced Sunday that vaccinations are underway for individuals in group 1a and group 1b1. Toe River is also working with community partners to provide several mass vaccination clinics. More information will be coming about the days, times and place of the vaccination clinics. Toe River Health District continues to get regular shipments of the Moderna vaccine, which requires two shots, 28 days apart.

As for vaccinations, AppHealthCare expected to complete vaccine administration for phase 1a last week at long term care facilities and group homes, and anticipates moving into phase 1b group 1 this week for those who are 75 years or older. AppHealthCare has launched a COVID-19 vaccine interest form for anyone interested in receiving the vaccine. Anyone can fill out the form regardless of which phase they will fit into. The vaccine will be offered free of charge to everyone whether or not you have health insurance. You can find the form online at