American Emergency Vehicles of Jefferson has made more than $56,000 dollars in donations to Ashe County agencies and organizations through its employee benevolence fund.

The Ashe Post and Times reports AEV employees can choose to set aside a portion of their weekly pay to be added to a charitable fund that is matched dollar for dollar by AEV at the end of the year.

Ashe Partnership Training Center: $10,000

Ashe Outreach Ministries: $9,570

Ashe Really Cares: $8,311

A.S.H.E: $7,892

Ashe Services for Aging $7,472

Ashe Humane Society $6,214.

Each of the follow will receive $500 each.

Nest Alliance, ADAP, Ashe County Sharing Center, Imagination Ashe, Ashe Pregnancy Center, We Care, Summit, (1,2,3), Triple P, Family Foundation, KAMPN, Appalachian Senior Program, Camp New Hope, Southern Sun Farm and Ashe Medication,