Thursday's COVID-19 Totals

AppHealthCare reported Thursday there were 66 active COVID-19 cases in Watauga County, the total number of cases so far is 484, and 116 individuals are being actively monitored.

There were 14 active cases in Ashe, with a total of 194 and 28 being monitored.

In Alleghany, there were 15 active cases, a total of 204, and 7 being actively monitored.

Appalachian State University reported Thursday there were 38 students with active cases, 3 employees and zero active cases among subcontractors. There have been a total of 150 students with COVID-19, 25 employees, and 41 subcontractors.

The Toe River Health District reported Thursday that Avery County had 3 new positive cases, which puts them at 157 positive cases, 142 have recovered and 15 active.

Yancey County had 0 new positives which leaves them at 163 positive cases, 145 have recovered and 17 active and 1 death.

Mitchell County also had 0 new positives Thursday which leaves them at 144 positive cases, 131 have recovered, 9 active and 4 deaths.