A Hudson man has been charged in a kidnapping case in Vilas.

The Watauga Democrat reports Watauga County Sheriff's Office charged Christopher James Chandler, 43, of 4485 Diamond St., Hudson after he attempted to kidnap a children and an adult on Eagle Lane August 17.

According to the report, Chandler entered a home and ordered a 10-year old girl to get into his car, the child refused. Chandler then tried to abduct a 3-year old. The child's grandmother struggled with Chandler to prevent the abduction, and Chandler left the residence and then tried to abduct a female adult he encountered, who resisted. Chandler then took the family's dog, and left the premises.

Watauga Sheriff's Office said the 911 caller identified the red Toyota truck Chandler was reportedly driving and stopped the vehicle on Greer Lane.

Chandler was arrested and charged with three counts of second-degree kidnapping, two counts of child abduction, felony breaking and entering, common law robbery, larceny of a dog, animal cruelty and possession of stolen goods.

Chandler was issued a $155,000 bond and was issued an August 25 court date.