The Boone Town Council has approved a design concept for the municipal government complex on the east end of Boone.

The complex will be home to the Boone Police, Boone Public Works, and Planning & Inspections Departments.

The municipal center would also include the town’s fourth fire station, an emergency operations center, a greenway path and a potential ABC store.

The Watauga Democrat reports Jason Bertoncino of the engineering firm WithersRavenel presented a plan with an estimated the cost of from $47.8 million to $52.4 million.

According to the report, Town Manager John Ward said a number of revenue sources could help finance the project, including the sale of the existing Public Works and Police Department properties. Additional funding sources could include 911 funds, fire district tax revenue, ABC revenues and the town’s Water and Sewer Fund and General Fund.

The design was approved unanimously by council at the August 20 meeting.

During the meeting, council also approved a conditional district rezoning request by Watauga Medical Center to accommodate plans for a new two-story central energy plant and a four-story hospital expansion — an estimated $72.9 million project.