AppHealthCare reports case trends continue to increase. The latest trends report shows the largest percentage of cases in Watauga in the 18-24 old age group, followed closely by the 25-49 year old age group.

In Ashe and Alleghany counties, the largest percentage of cases are in the 25-49 year old age group, and in Ashe, the next highest percentage is among the 50 to 64 year old group.

NCDHHS routinely monitors sharp increases, trends, and positivity rates among counties in NC. Recently, Alleghany County was identified as a county of interest after a rapid rise in cases, due to the outbreak at Bottomley Evergreens and Farms. As previously reported, 115 cases were confirmed at Bottomley Evergreens among farm workers and staff.

AppHealthCare reports that as of Tuesday, Watauga had 47 active COVID-19 cases, with a total of 454 total, and 140 individuals being actively monitored.
In Ashe, there were 8 active cases, and a total of 186. There are 36 being monitored.
Alleghany reported 12 active cases Tuesday, for a total of 197 with 6 actively monitored.

Toe River Health District on Tuesday reported that there were no new positive cases,  which leaves them at 149 positive cases, 138 have recovered and 11 active.

Yancey County had 6 new positive cases, which puts them at 159 positive cases, 139 have recovered and 19 active and 1 death.
Mitchell County had 1 new positive Tuesday, which puts them at 144 positive cases, 131 have recovered, 9 active and 4 deaths.