An outbreak of three COVID-19 cases has been reported at Glenbridge Health & Rehabilitation during the week of August 9 - 15.

The Watauga Democrat reports the outbreak involves one staff member and two residents.

According to the report, Alyssa Bryant, director of nursing at Glenbridge, said the staff member was asymptomatic and has since tested negative, and that the two residents were to be tested again Monday, August 24.

Glenbridge Administrator Kristy Jones said on its Facebook page that Glenbridge is working diligently to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in its facility, and that the positive cases occurred "despite all efforts" to follow all recommended precautions for high-risk environments.

According to the report, Glenbridge was found to be "deficiency free" in the NCDHHS 2020 Infection Control Survey.


AppHealthCare reports that as of Monday August 25, there were 55 active COVID-19 cases among App State students, and 5 active cases among employees. There were no active cases among subcontractors. There have been a total of 124 cases among students, 22 cases among employees and 41 among subcontractors.

Watauga County on Monday had reached a total of 451 cases, 55 of them are active cases, 120 individuals are being monitored.
Ashe was at a total of 184 cases, 7 are active cases, 22 are being monitored. 
Alleghany was at 197 total cases, with 14 active cases, 7 individuals are being actively monitored. Across the district there have been a total of 26 hospitalizations, and 1 death reported, in Ashe County.


Toe River Health District, Yancey, Mitchell and Avery Counties, were notified Monday, about the following positive cases in thedistrict:

Avery County had 4 new positives which puts them at 149 positive cases, 138 have recovered and 11 active. Yancey County had 5 new positives which puts them at 153 positive cases, 139 have recovered and 13 active and 1 death.
Mitchell County had 1 new positive which puts them at 143 positive cases, 131 have recovered, 8 active and 4 deaths.