COVID-19 case numbers as reported Wednesday August 19.

Toe River Health District, Yancey, Mitchell and Avery Counties, were notified today, about the following positive cases in our district.
Avery County had 0 new positives today which leaves them at 139 positive cases, 123 have recovered and 16 active. Yancey County had 2 new positives today which puts them at 145 positive cases, 116 have recovered and 28 active and 1 death.
Mitchell County had 4 new positives today which puts them at 135 positive cases, 120 have recovered, 11 active and 4 deaths.   


AppHealthCare reports Watauga at 415 total cases, with 94 active and 146 being actively monitored.
Ashe with 177 total cases, 23 active, and 52 being monitored. 
Alleghany is now at 192 total cases, 25 are active and 13 being monitored. 

As of Wednesday, there have been a total of 23 individuals hospitalized across the district, and only one death reported, in Ashe County.