he Watauga County Board of Elections has submitted two early voting plans to the state board of elections.

The Watauga Democrat reports that the Blue Ridge Ballroom in the Plemmons Student Union at App State will be used for classes this fall, as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on the university.

Board Chair Jane Ann Hodges said the Blue Ridge Ballroom works for polling, and that the room has become the county's most heavily used voting site.

App State spokesperson Megan Hayes told the board the Blue Ridge Ballroom was "fully scheduled" with classes, and pointed out the Convocation Center was an easily identifiable location with nearby parking, wheelchair accessibility and ample space for social distancing.

According to the report, the board submitted a plan for the Blue Ridge Ballroom as well as a plan for the Convocation Center. Both plans include early voting sites at Blowing Rock Town Hall, Deep Gap Fire Department, High Country Vacation Homes in Foscoe and the Western Watauga Community Center.

The plans will go before the state board on August 31.