AppHealthCare and the Toe River Health District report an increase of COVID-19 cases in the area.

As of Sunday morning, there were 18 confirmed cases in Alleghany, with 8 active cases; 34 total cases in Ashe, with 16 active cases; 19 total cases in Watauga, with 10 active cases. Five individuals are being monitored in Alleghany, and 19 in Ashe and Watuga counties. To date there has been only one COVID-19 death reported, in Ashe County.

As of this weekend, there have been 12 positive cases in Mitchell, 8 of them have recovered, and 14 in Yancey, with 10 who have recovered.

Diane Creek, Avery Health Department Director, posted on the department's Facebook page Saturday, to address some rumors.

Creek said that the first Avery case did indeed test positive, but a subsequent test some days later came back negative indicating the viral load was too small to register, and the person was recovering.

Another rumor suggested the health department had been fined for tampering with a test. Creek said that was completely false - there has been no tampering and there is no fine against the agency.