Officials at Stone Mountain State Park are making changes to operations after a series of incidents this past weekend resulted in the park being closed for some hours.

NWNC Magazine reports a person was injured at Stone Mountain Falls and had to be carried out. One of the paramedics taking the victim out was also injured. After a third injury, park officials closed the park for several hours.

According to the report, one of the problems was the large crowd of people visiting the park, many of which parked along the park road and in the middle of the road, making access to the victims more difficult.

Park officials have placed tighter restrictions on n how many people can be in the park at one time, by placing a limit on the number of vehicles able to enter the park.

Parking will be limited to available spaces only, with no overflow allowed. Once the available spaces have been filled, Stone Mountain will be closed to any additional visitors until a spot comes open.