Governor Roy Cooper recently declared a state of emergency due to concerns over the Coronavirus. While so far there have been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the High Country, area agencies and care centers are preparing.

The Watauga Democrat reports the Community Care Clinic of Boone is requiring patients with respiratory infections wear a mask when they come to the clinic.

Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Boone is restricting entry to its building to necessary employees, federal officials and immediate family members. Large groups that are scheduled to visit, as well as large group gatherings, are to be rescheduled.

Watauga County Project on Aging staff are staying in touch with AppHealthCare and reinforcing sanitizing practices already implemented.

Other facilities continue to monitor the latest information.

The N.C. DHHS recommends that all facilities that serve as residential establishments for high-risk persons, such as nursing homes, independent and assisted living facilities, correction facilities and facilities for medically vulnerable children should restrict visitors.