As reported previously, last week, the new owner of the Old Hotel in West Jefferson, Mark Beck, tore down the patio in back of the building used by the Hotel Tavern.

On Thursday, Guion and Lyall Enterprises, who run the Hotel Tavern, got an emergency restraining order signed by Superior Court Judge Michael D. Duncan that prevents Beck from doing anything that could adversely affect the Tavern's ability to operate.

Local media reports indicate Beck began renovations last week by clearing the patio in order to stage equipment needed for those renovations.

Beck said he informed Hotel Tavern owners last month about his intentions for renovations.

It's the latest development in the continuing legal battle between Tavern owners and the new building owner.

A preliminary ruling that would protect the Tavern during the lawsuit between the parties was expected in the case in December, but Judge Duncan still has not issued a decision.