Boone Town Council and the Watauga County Board of Commissioners held a joint meeting to discuss the possibility of building a parking deck downtown while still preserving a 1926 home.

The Watauga Democrat reports the Watauga Commissioners had planned to demolish the Hardin/Turner House purchased by the county in 2018, to build a surface parking lot for those with business at the courthouse as well as county employees, and add a second story parking deck later. The Boone Town Council was made aware that the house could be considered historically significant, and is located near the town's proposed Historic District.

At the joint meeting February 24, Boone Town Manager John Ward proposed the two governments collaborate on a parking deck at the town-owned Queen Street surface lot, large enough to provide parking to meet the county needs, as well as downtown visitors and a future Watauga Public Library expansion.

County Commission Chairman John Welch brought up the history of the two agencies not working well together, and said it was not the county's intention to demolish the house, but to address the immediate need for courthouse parking.

Ward and County Manager Deron Geouque agreed to meet with an engineer soon to determine the feasibility of a parking deck at the Queen Street lot.