The State Board of Elections is reminding voters that North Carolina law prohibits taking photographs of or videotaping voted ballots.

Voters are allowed to have phones or electronic devices with them while voting as long as those devices are not used to photograph or videotape a ballot or communicate with anyone via voice, text, email or any other method.

Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections, said she understands wanting to photograph yourself voting, there are legal ways to do it, such as wearing your "I voted" sticker or taking a picture outside the precinct.

Photographing a marked ballot is illegal in part because such photographs could be used as proof of a vote for a candidate in a vote-buying scheme.

Electronic communication while voting is prohibited because of limits on voter assistance and to prevent disruptions in the voting enclosure.

Voters may bring voting guides, notes and other materials into the voting booth.

They also may use electronic devices to access a slate card or candidate information, provided they don’t use the devices to communicate with anyone.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 3, and early voting is open each day this week through Saturday.