On Earth Day 2020, Appalachian will release a new Climate Action plan.

Appalachian State University’s new Climate Action Plan will be released April 22, 2020. Appalachian Today reports the plan, authored by Appalachian’s Sustainability Council, updates initiatives from the original plan written in 2010.

Dr. Lee F. Ball, Appalachian’s chief sustainability officer and chair of the council, said both the original and the new plan are “living documents,” designed to evolve along with advances in technology and research.

Ball said the first few years the original plan concentrated on raising awareness and identifying actions to take. Now the university is entering the aggressive implementation phase.

Ball said the university has already made many efficiency improvements, and there are elements of the plan that will take longer, but the institution's commitment is solid.

Appalachian's Office of Sustainability, Facilities Operations, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and others, will assess the impact of each area as it relates to the carbon footprint of the university and offer mitigation strategies, and recommend lower carbon alternatives.

According to the report, Appalachian’s total carbon footprint includes 43% from purchased electricity, 28% from transportation and 26% from the generation of steam heat.

The Climate Action Plan will include recommended mitigations for each category.