The 2020 Census begins soon and workers are being hired now, including folks who live in the High Country.

High Country Press reports pay rates for Ashe County census takers comes in at $16.00 an hour with area offices in Winston – Salem, $17.00 for those living in Avery County and $17.00 for those in Watauga County with area census offices for both counties in Asheville.

Job offers and background checks will begin in January and take place through April.

Census-taker training and work will begin in March and finish at the end of July.

To apply you will need to provide your social security number, home address and mailing address, email address and phone number, and your date and place of birth.

In addition, if you’re a veteran who would like to claim veterans’ preference, you will need supporting documentation.

You can apply for a number of different positions online at