A federal court has issued an order that blocks the new North Carolina Voter ID law.

The Carolina Journal reports U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Biggs and Magistrate Judge Patrick Auld issued a notice Thursday, December 26, saying the court will put the law implementing the constitutional amendment on hold.

They are presiding over a lawsuit challenging the law requiring voters to present a state-approved form of identification at the polls. The court said it will issue an order next week.

The N.C. chapter of the NAACP filed the lawsuit a year ago, saying the 2018 implementing law was too much like earlier voter ID attempts that were ruled unconstitutional. Senate Bill 824 became law December 19, 2018, over Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto.

But in its lawsuit, the NAACP didn’t include the General Assembly among the defendants, even though legislators passed the law being challenged. The only defendants are Cooper (who vetoed S.B. 824) and the members of the State Board of Elections.

County elections boards were told Thursday the voter ID informational mailing scheduled to go out December 31 was scrapped.

A majority of North Carolina voters amended the state Constitution to require voter ID.