The Supreme Court of North Carolina reports scam attempts are being made involving the Court's main phone number, 919-831-5700.

Scammers claim to be calling from the Supreme Court of North Carolina to collect overdue taxes from residents.

Scammers are very convincing and will often have a resident’s name and address, use the name of a court, judge or law enforcement department, and refer to local locations to make you believe the call is legitimate.

The scam callers may threaten legal action or jail time if you do not pay.

This is a scam.

Neither court staff nor law enforcement will call or email citizens requesting Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, money, pre–paid debit card numbers, payments by money grams, or any other sensitive financial information.

If you receive such a phone call, hang up.

You can always contact your local clerk of superior court's office to verify if a call is legitimate.