Watauga High School's Journalism class is relaunching the Powder Horn, the school newspaper's print edition.

Over the past three months, journalism students at Watauga High School have worked to revitalize The Powder Horn. The publication, whose print edition has existed in some form since Watauga High School’s foundation in 1965, has been online-only for several years.

The Powder Horn Editor WHS Senior Emma Shew said getting the paper back in print represents a way to reconnect her peers with the decades-old publication, whose traffic had slowed in its digital form. She said the work her classmates put into crafting stories deserved a place where they could live in perpetuity. A place where they could become a tactile part of the school’s record.

Getting The Powder Horn back into print required more than just a desire to write and report. Creating physical media requires physical work. From the onset of the project, students led and carried out every small job that goes into creating a newspaper. From buying reams of paper, to searching for the right program to create print-ready material, to finding a printer that could handle the job.

The Powder Horn released its first print edition on Dec. 6, and plans to roll out twice-monthly issues through the school year. The paper is staffed by Ella Brown, Taylor McNulty, Bethany Hicks, Abby Graham, Lindsay Hicks, Emma Shew and adviser Adrienne Stumb.