Dale Earnhardt Jr gathered a group to help clean North Wilkesboro Speedway and preserve it forever.

According to Racing News, North Wilkesboro Speedway opened in May 18, 1947, and hosted Nascar Cup Series races from 1949-1996, when Nascar Bruton Smith moved the Spring race to his new Texas Motor Speedway. The Fall race was moved to New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Back in September Dale Jr asked iRacing to scan North Wilkesboro for preservation. IRacing is an online motorsports simulation service.

Earnhardt said even if they don’t create it, they’ll have the data and the track would be preserved digitally.

Dale Jr gathered a crew of people who removed all the weeds from the track, cleaned the pavement and the scanning devices were turned loose on what looked like a race-ready track. With the scanned data, iRacing can re-create the track to precision in the online world.

There is no date set, but according to the report, the North Wilkesboro will be coming to iRacing soon.