A lawsuit against Watauga County Board of Elections member Jane Ann Hodges has been dismissed.

According to the Watauga Democrat, the suit filed by former election poll worker Melanie Byrd Hollar was dismissed November 14th by Watauga Superior Court Judge Lori Hamilton.

The complaint by Hollar claimed that Hodges spoke against Hollar's re-appointment as a poll worker at an April 2018 meeting. The judge granted Hodges's motion that claimed there was “undisputed evidence” that no slanderous comments were made and that Hodges was entitled to sovereign immunity.

The complaint initially filed by Hollar in September 2018 claimed Hodges told board members that she was afraid Hollar would plant drugs in people's cars while they were voting.

Hodges filed a defense last November that Hollar was not hired because of corroborated complaints from other election workers and board members.