Bridgetree Investments, the new owner of the Old Hotel in West Jefferson, has file counter claims against Guion and Lyle Enterprises, who operate the Hotel Tavern.

The Ashe Post and Times reports the counter claims were filed in the Ashe Clerk of Court's office November 4th.

Bridgetree claims breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, libel and fraud among others. It comes in response to a complaint by Guion and Lyle Enterprises filed this past summer, against Bridgetree as well as Woodie Investments, the previous owners of the Hotel, claiming unfair and deceptive trade practices and breach of contract, among other claims.

The various charges back and forth between the parties range from claims of no lease for the tavern business, claims that a signature on a draft version of the lease was fraudulently obtained, the lease was not notarized, unauthorized improvements and alterations to the building, and additional complaints.

A court date has not yet been decided.