Watauga County Schools is expanding Watauga High School's agriculture class to the middle school level.

While WHS has a long tradition of strong agricultural education and one of the most successful FFA programs in the state, by expanding the program to students in middle school, Watauga County Schools can improve ag education across the district and further connect younger students to their world.

Until this school year, the ag program has only been available at the high school, but this year, the classes are available at Mabel and Cove Creek Elementary schools at the middle school level, but Superintendent Dr. Scott Elliott said the system hoped to expand the program to more schools in the future.

In Benjamin Brown’s agriculture class at Mabel, students are learning more about where their food comes from and the hard work and effort that is put into producing the food most people just buy at the grocery store.

Brown said Ag classes weren’t limited to students interested in farming, as the field has expanded to touch almost every aspect of modern life. Students interested in agriculture can do anything from welding to advanced biochemical research. Brown said the opportunities are endless.