Some tenants of the Old Hotel in West Jefferson have been ordered to vacate the building due to structural deficiencies.

Ashe County Line reports six commercial tenants on the second floor were notified by letters from property management attached to their doors requesting they immediately cease all activities and uses of the second floor.

According to the report, an email from property owner Bridgetree Investments owner Mark Beck said an August 14th engineering assessment found the second floor to be unsafe for any use and asked tenants to vacate for their own safety and that a construction company with experience in dangerous job sites would be handling removal of tenant property.

One of the tenants, The Hotel Tavern, filed a law suit in September against Bridgetree claiming breech of contract following an eviction notice allegedly in violation of the tavern's 10 year lease.

Guion and Lyle Enterprises, owners of the tavern, said they are having their own structural engineer access the property.