As nights grow longer and days get shorter, the N.C. Department of Transportation is offering important safety tips to keep your family safe as the seasons change. 

Remember to:

Always watch for children

  • Pay special attention to children near bus stops
  • Look out for trick-or-treaters on Halloween
  • Remind children about how to safely cross the street and watch for cars

Look out for bicyclists and pedestrians

  • Remember to always wear reflective gear while biking or running
  • Drivers should share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians

Be aware of deer and wildlife

  • Pay attention when driving near wood-lined areas
  • Stay alert as wildlife are most active at dusk and dawn
  • Use your headlights during morning and evening hours
  • If you are in doubt, keep your headlights on
  • Remember to turn on your headlights when using your windshield wipers

Follow simple photo safety rules

  • For your safety and others, never take pictures while driving
  • While often inviting, never take pictures on train tracks or bridges

Always buckle up

  • Every person. Every seat. Every time.


For more information on all these programs and initiatives, visit the safety page at