The N.C. Department of Transportation is seeking public comments on a draft N.C. Zero-Emission Vehicle Plan the agency is developing to boost the number of electric vehicles on the road.

The draft plan is the result of Gov. Roy Cooper's executive order last fall to address climate change and transition to a clean energy economy. The governor’s order directs the NCDOT to develop a N.C. Zero-Emission Vehicle Plan to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles registered in this state to 80,000 by 2025. There are about 6000 on the road as of last fall. NCDOT has released the draft version of the Plan that summarizes the research the department has done and the public input from online surveys and workshops. It also highlights important issues and action areas for achieving the goal. One example is how to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations along major routes and at retail centers. The plan highlights Promoting public awareness and education about electric vehicles; Enhancing the convenience of operating and recharging a ZEV;Reducing the upfront costs of a ZEV; and considering policy changes that promote the use of electric vehicles.
The final plan will be submitted to the governor at the North Carolina Climate Change Interagency Council meeting on Sept. 27. People can review the plan and provide feedback at until 5 p.m. Sept. 6.