Local and state public health officials have identified the likely source of illness from a recent food-borne incident at the Masonic Snow Lodge barbecue fundraiser held on Friday, July 19th in Boone.

Samples of food served at the barbecue were collected and sent to the NC Department of Agriculture for testing and Staph aureus enterotoxin was identified in the barbecue pork.

This toxin can produce food-borne illness symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramping, which was consistent with symptoms reported from people who were ill.

The Masonic Snow Lodge has been working closely with health officials and remains cooperative with the investigation.

According to a statement, Kenny Kaufman, Master of the Boone Masonic Lodge said they regret the event and thanked the health department for all their work and collaboration, and thanked the community for their continued support.

Jennifer Greene, Health Director, said if anyone still has purchased food or frozen food from the event, it should be thrown away and not eaten.

Greene said while food permits are not always required for nonprofit limited events, AppHealthCare encourage groups to reach out for support in reviewing food safety practices.

For additional information, call call (828) 264-4995 or visit AppHealthCare.com.