More candidates have filed for office in Ashe, Avery, and Watuaga Counties.

In Watauga County:

Jimmie Accardi, Wendel Sauer, and Kelly Meleng have filed for Beech Mountain Town Council
David Harwood for Blowing Rock Town Council
Larry Fontaine, Wayne Bonomo, and Kay Ehlinger for Seven Devils Town Council

In Avery County:
Allen Bolick for Banner Elk Town Council
David Yarber for Crossnore Mayor, Jane Millanovich for Crossnore Alderman
Elaine Crane and Bruce Hicks for Elk Park Town Council
Richard C. Norman for Grandfather Village Council
Gunther Jochl for Sugar Mountain Mayor, Lewis Lecka for Sugar Mountain Council

In Ashe County:
Bluferd Eldreth filed for Jefferson mayor, Charles Caudill for Jefferson Alderman
Jim Blevins for Lansing Alderman
Grant Price for West Jefferson Alderman.

Previous candidates that have filed for For Watauga County positions: Renee Castiglione for Town of Beech Mountain Town Council, Charlie Sellers for Town of Blowing Rock Mayor, Albert Yount for Town of Blowing Rock Town Council, Loretta Clawson and Virginia Roseman for Town of Boone Town Council 

Previous candidates that filed for Avery County positions: Jesse C. Smith for Town of Crossnore Alderman and Bob Donovan for Village of Grandfather Village Mayor.

Previous candidates that filed for Ashe County positions: Dylan Lightfoot for Town of Lansing Mayor, Tom Richardson for Town of Lansing Alderman, and Tom Hartman for Town of West Jefferson Mayor.