The Watauga County Sheriff's Office has received a few calls in regards to the Publishers Clearing House Scam.

Here are a few tips to help spot a Publishers Clearing House/Sweepstakes scam:

1. Publishers Clearing House does not email or call it's big winners or send out winning notices in bulk mail.

2. You never have to pay to receive a legitimate Publisher Clearing House win. Scammers always want you to pay to receive a win.

3. You do not give out confidential information when you enter a legitimate sweepstakes.

4. Sweepstakes scams send you a large check with your win notice.

5. You can always verify your wins with Publishers Clearing House. If you believe you have really won something, verify it before giving out any information or sending anyone any money.

6. Sweepstakes scams pressure you to act in a hurry.

7. Sweepstakes scams may ask for bank or credit card info to receive your prize. Do not give that information out.

8. If the win is from any type of "lottery" it is usually a scam.

9. Sweepstakes scams may pretend to come from a government organization.

If you feel as though you may be a victim or have any questions concerning this scam, please contact the Watauga Sheriff's Office.