The combined efforts of Blue Ridge Energy members and the cooperative’s other electric demand reduction programs have generated power cost savings approaching half a million dollars. 

“Currently, 4,075 households are responding to Beat The Peak alerts to shift the times they use the most electricity from peak usage periods to other times," said Renee Whitener, director of public relations for Blue Ridge Energy. "This is helping the cooperative’s overall efforts to hold down wholesale power cost—the most significant expense for the cooperative."

Peaks in electricity usage typically occur for two to three hours on the coldest winter mornings when people are getting ready for work and school, and the hottest summer afternoons when the most air conditioning is being used. Simple steps can help Beat The Peak. Examples are: adjusting thermostats by a few degrees, delaying laundry and dishwashers, and turning off unnecessary lights.

“Since wholesale power cost is the single largest utility expense, efforts to reduce this cost benefit members by helping hold down rates,” Whitener continued. “We appreciate the Beat The Peak volunteers and are encouraging more participation for even greater savings in 2019.”

Members can sign up for Beat The Peak online at to receive their choice of text, phone or emails alerts. Or text BTP to 70216 to receive text alerts. Members can also download the Blue Ridge Energy mobile app and enable notifications.

“Please tell a family member, neighbor, and friends to sign up for Beat The Peak,” said Whitener. “Every action helps to shift the use of electricity during peak periods. Together, we can keep costs lower to benefit members.”