For the third consecutive year, Appalachian State University has topped the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ list of “Top 50 Alma Maters by Total Number of NBCTs,” with 2,090 alumni having earned the national credential to date.

Additionally, North Carolina continues to lead the nation in the number of teachers who have become National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) — since 1987, 21,985 educators have earned the certification. In 2018, 557 North Carolina teachers gained the endorsement.

“Teachers who gain national certification go through a process of learning themselves to hone their practice and demonstrate mastery as teachers,” said Mark Johnson, North Carolina’s superintendent of public instruction. “I congratulate all of North Carolina’s national board certified teachers.”

The national certification is based on a rigorous performance-based assessment that typically takes from one to three years to complete and measures what accomplished teachers and counselors should know and be able to do.

Nationally, 3,907 teachers earned certification in 2018, raising the total among all states to more than 122,000. In addition, 4,446 teachers nationally achieved recertification. North Carolina also leads the nation in recertified teachers for 2018, with 946.

North Carolina accounts for nearly one-fifth (18 percent) of all teachers nationally who are certified by the teaching standards organization. Nationally certified teachers also account for a larger percentage of the total teaching force in North Carolina than any other state, with 22.13 percent having earned the credential.

Nine North Carolina universities and colleges were named among the top 50 schools with the highest number of alumni with the national credential:

  • No. 1 — Appalachian State University (2,090 alumni).
  • No. 2 — East Carolina University (2,052 alumni).
  • No. 4 — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1,410 alumni).
  • No. 6 — University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1,353 alumni).
  • No. 7 — University of North Carolina at Charlotte (1,226 alumni).
  • No. 16 — North Carolina State University (933 alumni).
  • No. 20 — Western Carolina University (877 alumni).
  • No. 21 — University of North Carolina at Wilmington (854 alumni).
  • No. 46 — Meredith College (454 alumni).

Appalachian was founded in 1899 as a teachers college and continues to have one of the largest teacher education programs in North Carolina. School systems in all 100 counties of the state employ at least one graduate of Appalachian’s Reich College of Education.

Additional information about the national certification is available here.

Article written by Heather Brandon, courtesy of Appalachian State University

Photo by Marie Freeman