On Christmas day the Avery County Sheriff’s Office began investigating several crimes that would soon be linked together.

The end result was a high speed chase that went through Avery and Mitchell Counties and ended in Yancey County.

Charlene Adams, 36, of Banner Elk, was eventually arrested and charged with three counts of breaking and entering a Motor Vehicle, three counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, one count of breaking and entering a residence, one count of larceny of a firearm, one count of possession of a stolen firearm (which was found cocked and ready to fire in the last vehicle Adams stole on Christmas day), and numerous traffic violations including felony fleeing.

Adams was out on bail from a previous charge of possession of methamphetamine and has been served a warrant on a past misdemeanor breaking and entering of a residence.

Adams is also suspected in two additional residential breaking and enterings, one of which involved a larceny. These charges are pending the investigation completion at this time.

“I am so proud of our deputies. They went out of their way to try to bring joy to people’s lives this Christmas by taking gifts, food and bringing in wood, but when all of this started nearly every deputy volunteered to assist in catching the person involved. They disregarded their own families on Christmas to help and assist and it paid off in the apprehension of this one person crime spree,” Sheriff Kevin Frye stated.

“We really hate to chase people on one of the busiest traveling days of the year and all high speed chases are risky, but Adams had ruined Christmas for over a half-dozen families and we were not going to let her evade arrest,” Frye added.