The High Country United Way received another donation from Publix at Three Creeks in Boone last week.

The presentation took place Friday outside the High Country United Way office and store manager Joel Wise presented Board Chairman Fred Pfol with a check for 17,100 dollars. Wise said the money was the result of the store employees’ latest campaign. "Our associates and managers are very happy to serve Boone as a community. In turn, from our last United Way Campaign, I'd like to present this check of $17,100 to United Way. 

Fred Pfol thanked Publix for their support since coming to the area. "This comes not only from Publix but from all the employees they have at the store here, and that's what makes it really extra special. We are grateful to all of them, and Publix is truly a community minded business, and it's nice to have them with us."

Incoming Board Chairman Johnny Carson spoke about the Publix campaign as being a model for other companies to follow. "What they have done in their employee group is something we're modelling right now in our community campaign. This was the team at Publix doint small contributions. Our whole thrust right now for this community campaign is your small donation counts, because it makes a large impact." 

High Country United Way Board Member Jenny Stultz said these types of donations have a large impact on the community. "This impact is important. I serve on the High Country United Way Board to represent second home owners.  Those of us who come up to vacation and spend time and enjoy the High Country, we have to realize that there are needs here too. My role on the board to is to reach second home owners and say let's contribute here as well as in our home communities."

The High Country United Way High Five Campaign is underway now.


Photo: Steve Frank