Appalachian State University’s new Cruiser Class solar car needs a name.

As reported by Appalachian Today, Team Sunergy, Appalachian’s student-run solar vehicle team, is creating a new solar car — a Cruiser Class vehicle that seats two, has a carbon fiber body and will top out at 75 miles per hour. Using Apperion, the team’s first vehicle, as a reference point, the new car aligns with the 2018 regulations for the American Solar Challenge (ASC)— a biennial solar car endurance event that takes teams across more than a thousand miles of open road.

But, unlike its predecessor, this car’s features include a trunk, cup holders, conventional opening doors, audio and video systems, standard gauges, and dials and turn signals. “It will have the look and feel of a true automobile,” said Dan Blakeley, project director for Team Sunergy. “A true car.”

The team will debut the Cruiser Class car at the 2018 ASC this July. The person whose suggested name is selected will have their signature predominantly displayed inside the car.

Blakeley said sun or solar puns are popular names for solar vehicles. He also suggested considering Appalachian history and location, North Carolina’s relationship with NASCAR and the functionality of the car when exploring ideas. Names may be submitted here. Naming ballots will also be distributed at the Monday, April 23, showing of the documentary about the team’s 2017 ASC race in Texas in I.G. Greer, and on Sanford Mall Friday, April 27. The last day to submit a name is Monday, April 30.

On Friday, May 4, team members will announce the selected name, and share visuals of the car and the unveiling date for the actual vehicle.