Thursday night's Boone Town Council meeting saw the council approve a second change order for the town's water intake project contractor and another change for the project’s engineer.

The changes are a result of what is described as “unanticipated circumstances encountered during construction.”

The Harper Corporation requested a contract price increase of $275,856 dollars that includes replacement of old equipment at the water treatment facility, as well as repair on concrete cracks to address a leak.

The additional amount would fall well within the project's contingency funds, and combined with savings realized in the transmission line, the project remains under budget.

Below is the latest progress report on the project, from Boone Town Manager John Ward:

"The Harper Corporation continues to complete items at the Water Treatment Plant, the Water Intake site and at the Brownwood Road booster pump station. The focus at the Water Treatment Plant has been the installation of filter media and startup of filter #2. Fill material stored on site at the Water Treatment Plant has been used to backfill the new clearwell and the two 30 inch water lines.

"At the Intake Site, crews have completed pouring the new wet well side walls, prepared the site for the foundation of the pump house and installed the cofferdam.

"At the booster pump station, the foundations for pump supports have been prepared and under-slab conduit has been installed.

"The Garney Construction Company has completed all pipe installation along Brownwood Road, Highway 421 and New River Hills. Crews are back in town working on crossing #5 near the New River bridge at Highway 421. Once this section of pipe is complete, the remaining portions of the project will be flushed and inspected. Final punch list items and supplemental seeding along the project is expected to be completed within the month."