The Boone Town Council will meet Thursday night at 6pm in Council Chambers, 1500 Blowing Rock Road Boone.

Among items on the lengthy agenda are, consideration of a repeal of the Boone 2030 Land Use Plan. There will be a public comment period for anyone who would like to comment on the possible repeal.

While the meeting is scheduled to begin at 6pm, the agenda shows the comment period about the Land Use Plan is scheduled to happen at around 11:40 pm. Another item on the agenda is a request by Council Member Lynn Mason to limit the length of regular town council meetings. Since this latest council was seated, council meetings have gone much longer, including January's meeting which went on until around 2:30 am the next morning. Mason's request says that a meeting that goes over 8 hours is not in the best interest of the Citizens of Boone.

The proposal questions the council's ability to give important items due consideration when the meetings go so long. She suggests a certain time to conclude a meeting and if all agenda items have not been addressed, to continue the meeting on another date.

The agenda for Thursday's meeting shows that it could go as long as 11 hours, before going into closed session.

A link to the agenda is here: Town Council Agenda February 15, 2018