Avery County Schools have plans in place to address changes to the school calendar because of missed days this winter.

The Avery Journal reports that Avery Schools have closed for bad weather 10 times so far, with students missing more than 60 instructional hours.

According to the report, school is still set to end for the summer on June 6, and spring break has not been affected. But if more days are missed, officials are considering extending the school year to June 8th instead of taking days away from spring break.

To make up two of the 10 days already missed, Avery schools were open on Monday, Jan. 15, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and will operate on Friday, Feb. 9, a previously scheduled work day.

North Carolina law says the school year can start no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26th, and cannot go later than the Friday closest to June 11th. To get a jump on winter weather's impacts, the Avery School system filed for a waiver to start school on August 21st.

According to the report, Avery misses between 15 to 20 days on average each winter. The state requires 1,025 instructional hours per school year and as of Monday the 22nd, Avery is on target to reach more than 1100 instructional hours, depending on the weather for the rest of winter.