The Boone Town Council discussed the possibility of municipal service district in the Blowing Rock Road area to address stormwater and flooding.

At the January 18th Council meeting, Council Member Sam Furgiuele said that the area has long been a problem for storm water control and recent flooding has shown it is the area of greatest concern. 

"We have a primary area in the town of Boone, which is the corridor of Blowing Rock Road between the Convocation Center and up to Walgreens, where, because property owners have built in flood zones and floodplains over the years, they have dramatically, through their building, created a flooding problem and we have to address that. But I don't think that it's fair or appropriate for all the taxpayers of Boone to address the flooding problem there. I believe that we should start to lay the groundwork for a municipal service district that includes all the properties that have been built in flood zones or floodplains, and that district would be for the specific purpose of funding stormwater control and flood control in that corridor that serves those properties. The amount of flooding reached an intolerable point a decade ago, and I believe the time is now to take action and that the primary responsibility for the cost would be on the property owners."

Another suggestion was a stormwater utility to assess fees on property owners based on the square footage of impervious surfaces. Council voted to direct the town attorney to study the legality of establishing a municipal service district addressing the issue and directed staff to look into costs.